Sunday, October 2, 2011

News & Developments!

  • Sept. 23rd - Plant World donated 25 Rose bushes and soil for the new rose garden!
  • Sept. 30th Kaboom donated a $750 grant for the playground!
  • We raised $350 after expenses on the Oct. 1st bazaar
So now we are able to afford our spring riders for the children!!!!
  • Next goals : paved pathway & WATER FEATURE!!!
  • Oct. 12th Paved Pathway Update!
Virgil Gazzola, of Gazzola Paving,  will inspect location and the Gazzola Family will donate the unfinished pathway paving in the park!!!!
Contact: Gazzola Paving:
Head Office:
529 Carlingview Drive
Etobicoke, ON
M9W 5H2
Phone: (416)675-7007
Fax: (416)675-4370

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